Journal Articles

PLA Reforms under Xi and their Security Implications

China is undertaking its most ambitious and far-reaching reforms and modernisation of the armed forces under Xi Jinping. The reforms are likely to fundamentally change the way PLA operates. If successful, they would reduce the power and influence of the PLA ground forces that so far has dominated the military, promote joint operations, and bring about significant capability build up in the maritime, air, space, and cyber domains.

Structure and Functions of Gesture Sequences in Wild Bonnet Macaques (Macaca radiata)

Nonhuman primates – mostly apes – are known to combine gestural units in non-random ways, but they do not make novel meaning with these combinations. In this paper, we investigated, for the first time, the structure and functions of gesture sequences in the naturally occurring communication of wild bonnet macaques, using analyses akin to ape gesture studies. We discuss our findings in the light of a possibility that primate gesture sequences, coordinating the flow of social interactions, may be evolutionary precursors to pragmatic gestures in human language.

Assessment and Quantification of Methane Emission from Indian Livestock and Manure Management

Methane (CH4) is one of the most abundant organic trace gases in the atmosphere having a strong global warming potential of 28 in 100 years, is a significant GHGs, and has a vital role in atmospheric chemistry and climate change. India is home to the largest number of livestock in the world and is responsible for higher methane emissions from enteric fermentation and manure management.

Quantification and assessment of hazardous mercury emission from industrial process and other unattended sectors in India: A step towards mitigation

Hazardous pollutants like Mercury (Hg) have emerged as a pressing challenge in recent times where the expanding industrial sector is regarded as the major source in developing country India. In this study, we are trying to identify all possible industrial sectors at district level to quantify Hg emission load across India for the year 2019 using IPCC methodology where the country-specific technological emission factors are used.

Climate Change Exacerbated Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: Role of the Feminist Foreign Policy

Feminist foreign policy (FFP) ensures the representation and participation of women both nationally and internationally. Initially, it aimed to focus on some special areas relating to women, peace, and security especially sexual violence in conflict and women's representation in the peace process. Now, the ambit has been broadened and issues relating to climate change are also included. The research has already proved that women suffer double victimization as a consequence of climate change.